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Gestalt Psychology for Artists – Video Collection

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Gestalt Psychology Video Collection for Artists

Learn how to compose your photograph or painting with Gestalt psychology, a powerful way to understand visual communication! If you can understand how others perceive works of art, then you can take control of the composition and provoke emotion in your viewer. Make them say “wow!” Don’t rely on your gut instinct for creating a remarkable image. It takes an understanding of exceptional knowledge, combined with application to create a beautiful masterpiece. You’ll find the knowledge you need in all seven of these videos! The application is up to you 😉

The videos in the series will cover:
1. Law of Continuity
– (more info) arabesques, coincidences, radiating lines, ellipses
2. Figure to Ground Relationship – (more info) finding the pocket, reversals
3. Law of Proximity – (more info) unifying objects, forced perspective, illusions, visual tension
4. Law of Similarity – (more info) gamut, repetition, patterns
5. Law of Pragnanz – (more info) first impressions, illusions
6. Law of Closure – (more info) enclosures, geometric shapes, chiaroscuro
7. Law of Symmetry – (more info) gazing direction, negative space, breathing room, value weight, perspective weight, magnetic momentum, complex balance


On-Location Photos from the Gestalt Psychology Series


About the Series

Once you learn these design techniques you will be on your way to clearly communicate your visual message. I will go through some of the most useful gestalt psychology principles to be used in your art, and show you how to apply them in your art.

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What People are Saying About the Canon of Design

“Dear Tavis,

I just wanted you to know I’ve read your book and I really have to tell you that you have written a composition masterpiece!!! This is the best work I have ever seen on this topic. It explains the why, how and when and offers a much deeper understanding of composition, arrangement of shapes and values than any of the typical “Rule of Three” or “Golden Mean” or other formulaic approaches. I can never thank you enough for writing and sharing such an important work.

I have a long way to go to apply all the information you provided, but I am determined to learn it all and make it second nature in my paintings.

Thank you again for taking the time and for selflessly sharing the dynamic messages in your book. You have written the bible for composition.

Your fan,Thom Bluemel

“Fantastic read, recommend to all all visual art lovers. Train your eyes to see so much more to the visual aesthetics art world.” Firdaus Omar

“I love this project and all the information you’ve been laying out here. Thanks so much for doing this its been incredibly helpful. Its pretty crazy to me to consider how long I’ve looked into composition techniques and how long it took to come across some really useful stuff.” Kyle

“Thank you for your insightful work; you’re clearly sharing the results of months of study.

I’d become aware that the rule of thirds is limited and started playing with other simple compositional grids and often found them difficult to use in practice.

Your analysis has made the reason for that perfectly clear; they’re just too limited. I’ve been searching for something like your project for ages.” and “I really appreciate your desire to share and have your thoughts spread far and wide.. but I admit there’s a little bit of me feels like I’ve stumbled on a secret I want to keep for myself!” Simon

“I can’t thank you enough for this wonderful blog series. As a newbie to photography and more importantly, to design, I find these well-curated resources and all of your design breakdowns very thought provoking and inspiring. It’s a welcome reprieve to the inane droll found in most of the photography “tutorials” and “guides” that emphasize the trial-and-error showered with “rule of thirds”, as if there were almost no technique or forethought involved in art.

I am certain that the knowledge and wisdom you’ve shared here will continue to engage and inspire many acolytes of design for a long time to come.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!” ~ An Omni Mouse

“Superpsyched about finding your site!! This is awesome !! So in line with how my mind, art, photography is going – well done!” Aino Shperber
“This is excellent. It is something that I have studied for awhile and believe in. So good to see you presenting it in such a clear and accessible way. Thank you.” Lars Lentz
Composition A Concise Exposition. This is a hidden gem for the artist whether your medium is painting or photography. For the advanced artist the book is a toolbox for developing an idea into a complete image. Too often, composition becomes rules to be memorized and soon forgotten. The more tools in your bag the less likely you are to rely on one intuitive approach to every landscape, still life or portrait. The concepts are presented in a manner that the true artist may discover the route to true creativity.” Notans
I just Love it! I discovered the “Canon of Design” at the www.ipoxstudios.com pages some time ago. It attracted me immediately with its content showing me as an amateur photographer completely new view on composition of pictures. Later my son ordered me this book containing condensed guidance to design of photographs. This was a great help to me which really kicked med off to studying the subject much deeper.
Many thanks to the author! I wish he continues with another book.”
Five Stars First class, thank Sir, composition had never been easier explained.” Fathi Farag
I really enjoyed the information in this book and can’t wait to apply it to my own work. I came across this book through a friend. I have yet to read it but will be purchasing my own copy very soon.
I really enjoyed the information in this book and cant wait to learn the technique and apply it to my own photography.” Amazon Customer

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