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Abolish the Rule of Thirds - Intro

Painting of “Owl on a Grave” by Caspar David Friedrich.

Earn a FREE PDF book of the Canon of Design

Are you tired of being misled by the rule of thirds, or maybe just looking for some more advanced techniques for your compositions? You’re in luck! I’m giving artists a chance to earn a FREE copy of “Canon of Design: Mastering Artistic Composition.” More details are further below, but first you should keep scrolling down and check out the real talk about abolishing the rule of thirds.


VIDEO: 10 Myth’s About the Rule of Thirds – Mastering Composition Without It!

This video should explain everything you need to know (or wish you never knew) about the rule of thirds. More description can be read HERE.

10 Myth’s About the ROT – Master Composition Without It!

Real Talk About #AbolishROT

Why would I ever even consider spending my valuable time on something like this? Here’s a summary of what I wrote Adam Marelli (who also studied with Myron Barnstone) to try and explain what I’m striving for with this project, and realizing I might be perceived as a smart-ass know-it-all, instead of someone that genuinely wants to help artists become aware of an extremely powerful method of composition and design.

“The last thing I want to do is intimidate or discourage people from learning these techniques, or make them think they are ignorant when it comes to composition if the rule of thirds is all they know. I am wanting to bring attention to the rule of thirds only because that is what I was taught when I was learning photography…place your subject on a cross hair and it creates a “more pleasing” image, etc…but my compositions were very generic.

Only when I found Myron’s videos did I begin to understand the secret design techniques of the masters and what masterful compositions consisted of. Maybe I need to reword some things on the site? To let others know that I was right there with them, stuck with the rule of thirds guiding me, and getting nowhere.

I’m trying to show that the dynamic symmetry grid is just as simple to grasp, but gives them a solid foundation to build upon. Rhythm, strength, unity, and organization can all come from the dynamic grid, but the rule of thirds grid just teaches them where to place their subject or horizon line which makes their compositions look like everyone elses.

When the rule of thirds was in my repertoire I was generically placing my subjects and creating excessive negative space. I got some decent pictures, but luck played a part. Mostly though, they were unbalanced, with no regards to the background. When I would show Myron some of my assignment photos, he called me out on a couple of shots because there was excessive negative space. He said “why is this here? The interest is over here…get rid of it,” and he’d put his hand over the negative space. I was using the grid, but the rule of thirds was engrained in my head and I was still plotting my subject on a cross hair…no regard for the image as a whole.

I wish someone was there in the beginning to say to me, “hey, use this dynamic symmetry grid to start with. Try to line up your subject to it, or parallel the diagonals or reciprocals. See what you get. Have fun with it, and when you are thirsty for more techniques let me know. I’ll teach you to visually communicate with the same power as the master painters.” That’s what I hope to do to new/old artists. Introduce these techniques that the masters used, and set aside the rule of thirds which does get the subject out of the middle, but doesn’t create more drama, movement, or interest as others and myself were taught.”

Shoutouts on Reddit

Here’s a great conversation on Reddit (Thanks Jim B.) where a photographer is being getting hung up on his composition because he is blindly guided by the rule of thirds. Thanks to “de1irium” and others for believing in the Canon of Design!

Abolish the Rule of Thirds in Photography and Art - Screen shot 1

Project: Abolish the Rule of Thirds

(Started 11.24.14)

This is a project that tries to tackle the Rule of Thirds and abolish it from the art world…for good. Maybe a fool’s hope, but perhaps with everyone’s help we can bring awareness to it’s excellent ability to lead artists down a dead end road. It’s also a chance for artists and educators to earn a Free PDF of the new book! It’s all about spreading the techniques of good art to improve our artistic future…something Da Vinci and the other boys would be proud of. And don’t worry, I’m joining in on the fun!

Here’s how it works:

1. Search the internet for blogs or videos that teach and promote the Rule of Thirds, or the Golden Ratio as a great composition technique which has you place your subject on a point or across the horizontal or vertical of the “tic-tac-toe” grid. Because yes, we are creating masterful art, not playing a children’s game. We can start simply though with Dynamic Symmetry and use a simple grid in which we can build powerful techniques upon (see the Table of Contents for Free articles to learn more).

Search the internet for: Rule of thirds, Golden Ratio, Photography Composition, Painting Composition

2. Write the creator of at least three different blogs or videos and politely ask them to consider taking down or editing it out the rule of thirds/golden ratio material (cut and paste your comment to the different blogs and videos if you like), then kindly explain if they do remove or edit out the content they will earn a free PDF of the new book to learn the techniques the masters used. They can then teach this newly discovered material and spread the design techniques which will eventually (fingers crossed) improve the future of art.

3. Send a Screenshot of your comments to me (try to include the title or link of the blog if you can). My email is “tavis at ipoxstudios dot com”

I will share these screenshots on this page, so others can see how you are doing your part to help change the future of art by sharing the techniques the masters used.

4. The link will be sent to your email for the Free PDF book!

Not Good With Words?

It’s great to write it in your own words and show that you share the same passion for great art, but if you are at a loss for words when writing these blogs or videos you can use the PDF Download HERE.

Email Subject: The rule of thirds killed design and left it for dead

Hi —-person’s name— did you know that the rule of thirds killed design and left it for dead? Yes, much like the microwave killed homemade cooking. My name is ——your name—— and I invite you to join a huge movement to shift the quality of art we create. I’m an artist that wants to help clean up the internet by abolishing the rule of thirds. It leads artists, like myself, down a dead end road. I’ve found something better and just as simple called Dynamic Symmetry which design techniques can be built upon. Not just any techniques, the same exact one’s Da Vinci, Van Gogh, Rubens, Michelangelo, Degas, Bouguereau, Picasso, and the other masters used to create their masterpieces.

If you edit out, or remove your article/video which promotes the rule of thirds you will not only be helping the future of art, but you can earn a Free PDF book of “Canon of Design – Mastering Artistic Composition.” Just contact Tavis Leaf Glover at www.ipoxstudios.com and he will send you a link to the book. Easy as that! He is giving me a Free PDF for helping with this amazing project. I truly hope you consider this chance to help artists of our time achieve the excellent compositions that the masters have before us. It’s the secret key that they kept hidden which will unlock the power of visual communication. We need to share this info with all artists that want to create masterful works of art!

Thank you so much for your time!


All of the Old Boys are watching you!

List of Popular Sites that Promote ROT

We’ve all been brainwashed, it seems, by the rule of thirds. Even well known professionals. I’ve listed a few of them here if you are looking for sites to start with. Have fun, be passionate, but also be polite and understand that we are here to help the future of our art together.

Digital Photography School

Photography Mad

Digital Camera World


Jayne Whitelock



Aren’t you tired of the constant, regurgitated echo?

“The rule of thirds creates more interest and drama in your composition. It gets your subject out of the center. It moves the viewers eye around the image. It creates a more pleasing image. Rules were meant to be broken.”



Using Dynamic Symmetry is Just as Easy

Using the basic armature of this rectangle is just as easy to grasp as the rule of thirds grid, but you can build a masterpiece upon it. The armature promotes a necessary unity, strength, rhythm, movement, and organization within the composition.


Screenshot’s from Artists Helping the Future of Art

19. More screenshots of videos with ROT being commented on. Thanks Karel Guzman, enjoy the free PDF!!

Mastering-Composition-without-Rule-of-thirds-1 Mastering-Composition-without-Rule-of-thirds-2 Mastering-Composition-without-Rule-of-thirds-3

18. Here’s a screenshot of a conversation about mastering composition without the rule of thirds. Thanks Derrel for helping to spread this info to other artists!!


17. Here’s three screenshots (photos) sent to me from Cheaper from YouTube. Thanks for spreading the awareness of #abolishrot! Mastering Composition should be a part of everyone’s artistic journey.

image3 image2 image1

16. I contacted PetaPixel in hopes of spreading the #AbolishROT and getting people involved. Below is a screenshot and the message I wrote.

I’m trying to abolish the status quo of artistic composition…the rule of thirds. I’m offering a free PDF book on how to Master Artistic Composition (the way the master painters achieved) to anyone that helps comment on sites or videos that promote the rule of thirds or golden ratio. It’s taught to everyone that it “creates more drama, adds more interest, moves the eyes around the image,” but all these claims are false. Just like the claim that chicken soup cures a cold. Is it the yellow watered down soup by Campbell’s, or is it the chicken soup made by Grandma? People use the rule of thirds without question and it promotes excessive negative space, unbalanced compositions, and predictable plotting of subjects within the frame. It’s time to change the future of art and promote a masterful way to communicate visually before everyone’s image looks like everyone else’s…a sailboat or lighthouse generically placed on a crosshair.


15. Here’s another VIDEO from YouTube.


14. Three screenshots from Alex Nery. Thank you Alex, enjoy the book! Share the knowledge with other artists when you can!

Posted on this video HERE. Some comments are deleted by the owner of the video, but it’s the effort that matters!


Posted on this video HERE.Abolishing-RoT-2

Posted on this video HERE. I couldn’t believe they were using this photo as an example!


13. Three screenshots from “Art Monkey” from YouTube. Thanks for contributing! Enjoy the book! 12.09.14

Finearttips.com photo96.com stephaniesartblog.wordpress.com

1. Here is a conversation from THIS video promoting the Rule of Thirds. 11.24.14



2. Another attempt to save the future of art on this VIDEO. 11.25.14


3. Here’s another ATTEMPT. 11.25.14


4. Here’s a VIDEO promoting the rule of thirds for cinema. 11.24.14


5. A letter to the Feedback of Lynda.com 11.25.14

Hi there, just wanted to attempt to continue my quest to abolish the rule of thirds. I love your videos and the opportunity you gave me while I was learning Photography, Photoshop, InDesign…you name it. I’ve learned a lot from your videos. But now that I’ve been studying composition for quite some time, I’ve learned that the rule of thirds led me, and many other artists down a dead end road. It left us nothing to build upon. It doesn’t magically move the eye around the image. It doesn’t create more drama and interest. Plotting the subject on a cross hair will never create a great composition. It just promotes generic images and doesn’t allow artists to consider the image as a whole.
I’m offering a free PDF book on mastering artistic composition to any educators who promote the rule of thirds. I’m trying to help change the future of art. The masters didn’t use the rule of thirds. They use dynamic symmetry and other design techniques to create their masterpieces. There’s no reason that we shouldn’t learn their secret design techniques and create our own masterpieces. Why did our generation get stuck with watered down composition techniques like the rule of thirds? I will also offer you a one year membership to my blog so you can teach these techniques to your members. It’s very important that we do something to get these design techniques out there. Otherwise the future of art will be generically plotted subjects and splatter painted canvases. Please consider my offer. Thank you so much for your time!


6. A Rule of Thirds VIDEO 11.25.14





7. I contacted the writer of Photography MAD to see if he would help in the quest to abolish the rule of thirds. He has quite a few on there, so it would be great if he joined the cause! 11.30.14

Hi Pete, just wanted to write you and see if you’d be interested in teaching some new material. I’m on a quest to abolish the rule of thirds since it’s a dead end for artists, and introduce something just as easy to use. The dynamic symmetry grid, which can be built upon to create a masterpiece just as the master painters used in their day. I’m offering a free pdf download to any educators that delete or edit out the rule of thirds. This will give you new content to teach and hopefully improve the future of art. There’s no reason we shouldn’t be creating our own masterpieces…not plotting our subject on a crosshair and calling it good. This design stuff is the secret the masters had which is holding us back. Now that it’s available to us we have to bring it to light and inspire other artists to create their own masterpiece. I need an educator like you to help! If you like, and you are willing to remove all of the rule of thirds material, I will give you a free year membership of my blog which also digs very deep into composition and proves that the rule of thirds is a watered down means of composition meant for lesser minds. Please let me know if you will use your teaching abilities to help me change the future of art! Take care, Tavis.


8. I Tweeted Digital Photography School #abolishrot 11.30.14


9. Trying to contact educators of painters on the EmptyEasel. I’m learning that a lot of these sites might not even care about changing the future of art, but more interested in selling ads. They are obviously excellent at SEO (search engine optimization) to get their articles popping up in google first. Once you click on their article it is very similar to thousands of other articles preaching about the rule of thirds, but loaded with click ads. 11.30.14

Hi, this isn’t really an article submission, though it could easily turn into one. I wasn’t sure how else to contact you. I am on a mission to try and abolish the rule of thirds from the art world. Not just get rid of it, but share secret techniques that the master painters used to keep us coming back to the museums to drool over their work. I’m offering educators a chance to get a free pdf book which covers mastering artistic composition the way the masters did. You can also learn on my blog how the rule of thirds is a dead end for artists and a dynamic symmetry grid is just as easy to use, but can be built upon to create unity, rhythm, and movement. Please let me know if you are interested in trying to spread great design and change the future of art. Thanks for your time! Tavis


10. Another video from YouTube with WeeklyImogen 11.30.14


11. Adorama TV promoting the rule of thirds. 11.30.14


12. YouTube is riddled with rule of thirds videos like THIS! 12.5.14


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