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Anatomy by Robert Beverly Hale


This is a drawing by E.M. Gist, one of Hale’s pupils.


For any of you who are doodlers that are wanting to step up their game and take on the huge challenge of figure drawing, you might find some guidance in the lectures of Robert Beverly Hale.

He was an old school anatomy instructor at the Art Students League of New York. Unfortunately he died in 1985, but the rough videos still show a trace of his excellent teaching abilities and goofy sense of humor. He reminds me a lot of my mentor Myron Barnstone (who also has DVD’s available).


Also Watch Part 2, Part 3

Hale also has a few books available for purchase as well. I can vouch for “Drawing Lessons from the Great Masters“, but I haven’t purchased any of the others yet. (Following links go to Amazon, but can be purchased several other places). Sometimes you can find great prices used, or on Ebay. I’ll add these to the VIRTUAL LIBRARY.

Master Class in Figure Drawing

Anatomy Lessons from the Great Masters

Artistic Anatomy

Albinus on Anatomy

I’ve tried to find some drawings by Robert Beverly Hale, but mainly find the images of his students….which are very nice. I guess it’s like most instructors who put most of their heart and soul into teaching and rarely have time to create art of their own. An unfortunate symptom…something I hope to avoid.


This is a nice video by Proko which goes over Hale’s Cranial Proportions. Something he must’ve learned from the books or DVD’s, but if you get a chance, swing by his YouTube channel because he puts out some great content.

Much love for all of the support everyone! Keep sharing, liking, commenting, pinning, and tweeting…it’s the best way to let me know you want more! See you next time…

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