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Art: Getting Your Money’s Worth



I bought a concert ticket a few months ago. $20 presale special! When it came closer to the day of going, I started to contemplate if it was worth it (of course, this was before my girlfriend decided to drive from D.C. and go with me). I started to think about the long drive to Philly. Paying the tolls. Trying to find parking. Not being able to have refreshing cocktail because I had to drive back an hour late at night to get home. Having to wake up early the next day to go to work again. Being tired at work. Getting off work and not being able to get any personal work done.

All of these things were considered. Is it really worth it? After the fact it was definitely worth it, but before the concert I had to make a decision. I thought to myself “Well, I already bought the ticket, so I’m locked in.” Yes, I’ll be damned if I throw my hard earned $20 dollar bill away. At this point though, it’s not about the money spent, it’s about spending money on something and not getting your money’s worth. Wasting money. If I didn’t go I may as well burn a 20 dollar bill or throw it out the window.

But the point is, this small amount of money locked me in and made me go out of my way to go to the concert. If I hadn’t bought the ticket in the first place I would have never went. This is the case with anything. That’s why it’s beneficial to prepay for plane tickets, workshops, or anything else. It locks you in. You see value in it and there’s no way you are going to lose that value. The closer you get to the event, if you live a busy lifestyle, the more you will try to talk yourself out of going. Asking yourself, “Is it worth it?”

What if we take this concept and apply to something that benefits our artistic goals. What can we invest in to obligate ourselves to use it to it’s full potential? To get our money’s worth. A computer springs to mind…Photoshop…I use these things everyday. What about education, tutoring, tutorials (Phlearn.com), mentoring, memberships (Lynda.com, KelbyOne.com). How about expensive oil paints, or drawing material? Well, that didn’t work in my case. t bought some painting equipment in October and it’s still waiting to be used. Though, in my head, I know it won’t go to waste. It’s just a matter of time. So, what can YOU think of to invest two precious items such as TIME and MONEY? Spend it wisely and benefit your quality of life and education.

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