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Art, Social Media, and the Empire State Building


Photo by unknown.


Sometimes putting your art out into the social media world is like throwing a penny off of the Empire State Building and waiting for someone to hear it hit the ground. But it’s not just you up on the top, it’s hundreds of others….throwing their pennies just like you. The people at the bottom only hear noise, and all they see is the same bunch of pennies hitting the ground. How do you stand out from that over saturated crowd?

You get smart and decide to paint your penny red. Ok, so your red penny grabs the attention of someone below, but that’s it. The moment is passed and life goes on. Regular pennies from everyone else keep hitting the ground. But what if you throw a red penny every minute? People on the ground start to take notice. They see a steady feed of this interesting red penny. More people take notice and start talking about the red penny. People pick one up and keep it for a souvenir.

Some people might even be inspired by it. They paint their own penny purple and start throwing it off the top of the Empire State Building. All this interaction goes unnoticed though. You’re at the top of the building and can’t see or hear any of the action going on down below. That shouldn’t be your main concern though because you are creating your beautiful red penny and sharing it consistently with others. You just have to have faith that it has enriched someone else’s life. Like donating to charity or giving spare change to a homeless person. It gives you a nice feeling that perhaps you are making a difference even though you don’t see the end result. So, create art that is unique and consistently share it with the world. People will take notice!

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