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Campfire’s and Camping Nowadays


Painting by Albert Bierstadt.


Times sure have changed! Back when I was growing up if we went camping it would be a great adventure into the unknown. We could run off and do all kinds of things like catch frogs or snakes, go hiking, swimming, skipping rocks, whittling sticks, rafting, fishing…the possibilities seemed endless. Of course, this was before the invention of smart phones and Facebook.

Go camping nowadays and you’re sure to see kids (and perhaps even their parents) glued to their electronic devices the whole time…taking selfies, playing apps, surfing the web, giggling at porn, updating, liking, tweeting, tagging…it continues endlessly until the battery dies. So much for the childhood memories of sitting around the fire and telling stories. It’s times like these that you’ll miss once you get older, so don’t let them pass you by just because you’re updating your status or posting a #nofilter picture of the food you just ate. Yes, take photos. Take lots of photos! But there’s a place and time for gluing your face to a screen and checking how many retweets you got in the past hour.

This doesn’t just happen while camping, it happens everywhere…during everything. It seems to be infecting our lives more than we realize. You could be having a nice dinner with friends, in a new restaurant, but you’re more concerned with checking your Facebook or texting other friends. Everyone seems to have their phones out! Sure, I love to take pictures of my food, it helps me remember the nice meal and place. It’s for a keep sake. For me to look back on. But the minute you start uploading it to social media or texting it to friends you begin to disrespect everyone sitting at the table with you.

The social media is making you anti-social. You’re abusing this amazing technology and allowing it to take over more important moments of your life that could be happening. The saying “everything is good in moderation” holds true in this case. Don’t let these inventions suck away the things that are truly important in life like spending quality time with friends and family, or creating your next work of art.

My girlfriend told me the other day how she was really excited for movie night. It was a night to enjoy quality time with the children she was living with and her friend from work. She waited all week for it. Then when the time came, one kid was texting the whole time, and the other kid was on an iPad. They ruined the whole night! It’s called movie night for a reason people!

So let’s take this perfect example and add some math to it. If the first iPhone came out in 2007, and the first iPad in 2010, then children who are  4-7 have had these devices around their whole life. This is starting the addiction and abuse early…far too early. Is addiction too harsh of a word? Well, what else would you call it? Just imagine trying to get their faces out of these devices in 5 more years with all of the new 2020 gadgets and hyper social sites. They will be spending their entire life glued to a monitor of some kind and missing the world around them.

What’s going on here?

If you’re a responsible adult with children, I hope this makes you think twice about shoving your iPad in front of your kids face just to keep them quiet. Sure it can educate them in ways, but it’s so easy to let it consume their lives. We must be aware of how these things affect our lives so we can gain valuable time to create art or enjoy the physical world around us. We can simply reconnect with life by disconnecting devices.Albert_Bierstadt_-_Oregon_Trail-detail

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