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Photo of me on the Pillbox hike, Kailua, HI, 2013. Photo assist by my pal Nick Williams.


Hey everyone, thanks for all of the amazing support so far during this project. I received a great suggestion by Dan to create a resource page, so here it is! Below I will continue to list any downloadable content which is included in the past and future posts. Please let me know if you stumble across one that I’ve missed. Happy downloading!

Included Resources:

Canon of Design STUDENT ID

Annie Leibovitz Group photo TEMPLATE

Updated 2017 Grids: 1.5, Root Phi, Root 2, Phi, Root 3, 4, 5, Square, Gauge

Camera LCD Grids (Ready-to-Print)

Micro Four Thirds LCD Grids (Ready-to-Print)

Design Checklist (Ready-to-Print)

Design Scoresheet PDF

Photoshop Actions: Hannibal Inspired Color Grading, Endless Summer Vintage Film, Annie Blues

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