» Classical vs. Romantic Artistic Style
  • The Masterful Set Designs of Mary Howard
    Welcome back everyone, much love for the continued support! Today we are going be looking at the amazing set designs by Mary Howard. You may not have heard of her, but you have definitely seen her beautiful work. She is one of the set designers for Annie Leibovitz! Set design may not sound interesting, but […]

Classical vs. Romantic Artistic Style


Photo by Robert ParkeHarrison, showing a romantic approach.


Would you consider your art Classical or Romantic? Do you know the difference between the two? I’m not referring to that date you went on last week. You can have a romantic, candlelit dinner, but a classical one might be a little…weird. I’m referring to the approach, or style of your art. Let’s learn more about each category and see where yours lies. Who knows, it may even inspire you to infuse your art with one over the other!

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