» Color Theory & Magnum Photographer Bruno Barbey – Part II
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    #503 Welcome back everyone, thanks for joining in today! I appreciate all of the amazing support! We’re going to be looking at depth of field and how your f/stop can help or hinder your storytelling. This article is great for beginners or professionals because it’s widely being taught that bokeh is a necessity, rather than […]

Color Theory & Magnum Photographer Bruno Barbey – Part II

Bruon Barbey-UnderwaterBike


Photo by Bruno Barbey. His limited color palette follows.


Welcome back! Today is the second part of the color theory which analyzes Bruno Barbey, a very successful photographer of Magnum photos. Why would I choose his photos over anyone else’s? Well, when you take a look at the following photos, you’ll know that there’s something special there. Not many photographers understand color, and have a hard time capturing it properly, but Bruno does an excellent job. We’ll dissect the color within his image and find out how it works together to create a harmonious palette.

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