» Composition in Painting and Photography is Essential

Composition in Painting and Photography is Essential


Painting of young Mozart.


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Today we are talking about not only artistic composition, but composition in general. It relates to all forms of art and is something that should be skillfully studied in order to present your work in the way in which you intend.


Composition is the essential structure which is needed in your art in order to communicate your message to the viewer in the most effective way. Mozart didn’t sprinkle musical notes onto a sheet of paper, and Einstein didn’t scatter mathematical equations onto a chalkboard and hope that they made sense to everyone else. They use structure and a form of composition to make it clear and sound. Why would photography, painting, or other forms of art be any different? The choreography of a ballet has structure, poetry has structure…sentences, paragraphs, chapters in a book…the frame of a movie, a brush stroke, the line of a drawing, the doorway of a cathedral. Composition is essential in all forms of art. If you don’t think you need composition then you are merely a spectator in a sport meant for greater minds. Great photography is art, and art is a serious craft.



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