» Composition is More Important than Beautiful Light
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    #490 How’s everyone doing today? I hope you’re doing well! Thanks for the awesome support, I appreciate it tons! 😀 Today we are going to dig deep into the masterful design techniques of Martine Franck in a two-part video. Martine was a very talented photographer, and the second wife of Henri Cartier-Bresson (see #460). When you’re in […]

Composition is More Important than Beautiful Light


Photo on the left is by Annie Leibovitz, on the right is by Dan Winters.


Welcome back everyone, I hope you are all doing well! As always, thanks for the amazing support! 😀

Today we are going to be looking at something very interesting. Composition vs Lighting! There’s a well-known phrase in the photography community, “Lighting is everything,” but today I show you how composition is more important. Sure, we can’t create anything without light, but that doesn’t me our light has to be perfect or beautiful to get a stunning image. In fact, there are some amazing examples below that show how the worst light is transformed into a masterpiece. Let’s get into it!

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