» Creating Great Group Photos Like Annie – Part II
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    #498 Welcome back everybody, huge thanks for the continued support! You keep in-depth articles like this coming. Much love! As artists, we can learn a lot from cinematography. If a film has an experienced cinematographer, like P.J. Dillon of Vikings, they will present the majority of scenes with nice lighting, composition, and design. All which […]

Creating Great Group Photos Like Annie – Part II


Game of Thrones group photo by Annie Leibovitz.


Welcome back to the second part of this group photo extravaganza! We continue from yesterday on how to arrange a large group of people for your art, and put an end to the curiosity circling the elegantly designed photos of Annie Leibovitz and her team. Today we are taking a closer look at examples, so you can take the starting point from yesterday and further understand how to achieve it. Also, today I’m including the Photoshop template with cutouts of the models so you can practice the techniques anytime you want and increase your abilities and confidence tremendously. Here we go!

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