» Did They Use the Rule of Thirds in Blade Runner 2049 – Part One
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Did They Use the Rule of Thirds in Blade Runner 2049 – Part One

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How’s everyone doing? Welcome back to another exciting article! Huge thanks for all of the continued support everyone, you keep this blog going! Thanks to Andre for inspiring this post (see #446).

Today we are going to dig deep into Blade Runner 2049, the exciting sequel being released in October, 2017. They released a pretty awesome trailer and the visuals they included are pretty stunning and use plenty of composition and design techniques, but the question we all want to know is if they used the rule of thirds or dynamic symmetry. That’s a big question, and I’m going to simply answer and prove it in part one of this three part article. Oh, and I’ll be introducing a new root rectangle that has never been covered anywhere before! Let’s get into it and see how they infused this trailer with jaw dropping visuals and how they did it.

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