» Dynamic Symmetry, Film and the Sydney Opera House
  • The Masterful Set Designs of Mary Howard
    Welcome back everyone, much love for the continued support! Today we are going be looking at the amazing set designs by Mary Howard. You may not have heard of her, but you have definitely seen her beautiful work. She is one of the set designers for Annie Leibovitz! Set design may not sound interesting, but […]

Dynamic Symmetry, Film and the Sydney Opera House

Mastering Composition with the Canon of Design


Hey everyone, thanks for joining in today, and for all of the awesome support! I appreciate you all!

Today we are going to take a look at some of the film photos I got while I was in Australia. I was able to visit many locations in two weeks, but for this article we’ll focus on the Sydney Opera House. I was limited to my old film camera (Leica R4 with Ilford XP2 Super 400) and a 50mm lens, so I had to try and think outside of the box to get any good shots of such a massive site (limitations are a good thing). I’ll be showing you a lot of before and after post-processing comparisons, and also talk about my thoughts while shooting. We’ll even see if I got close to locking in elements when the only dynamic symmetry grid I had was the one in my mind. Let’s get into it!

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