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Dynamic Symmetry – How to use it in Photography and Painting



Dynamic symmetry is an extremely valuable tool that is used by elite artists of all kinds…photographers, painters, cinema, graphic designers…even sculptors. It’s a tool that master painters have used for centuries, but never revealed to anyone. Worry not, because in the video below I share their trade secret and how they used dynamic symmetry…one of their most guarded traditions.

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What does the Video Cover?

There are several dynamic symmetry videos included in the playlist, but the one I’m referring to will show you how the printed grids can be used on a phone LCD, then drawn onto a canvas.

The best part is that I show you how to create the basic armature of every rectangle, and explain the ratios in reference to canvas and cinema ratios. Once you see it easily applied to the canvas, you can then begin to imagine how it can be applied in other artistic ways.

The basic armature of the dynamic symmetry grids is super easy to create! Here’s a quick diagram of what is covered in the video.

Dynamic-symmetry-Reciprocals-for golden ratio-diagram

Free Download of the Dynamic Symmetry Notes

Within the video, I reference to notes on dynamic symmetry that cover the different ratios of root rectangles. I also show how they relate to different canvas sizes (see Day 253), because the root rectangles won’t always fit your canvas exactly.

Sure, we could create an arbitrary grid to fit whatever canvas we wish, but we wouldn’t you rather walk in the same footsteps of the master painters? If we don’t use the dynamic symmetry system for designing our art, we fail to carry on the tradition of the elite artists before us.

As mentioned in the notes, dynamic symmetry promotes unity, movement, and rhythm. You don’t have to know how it creates these things, but it is tremendously helpful to understand. By using coincidences, repeating diagonals, and dominant diagonals in our art, we begin to take advantage of the power of design.


Adding More to Your Artistic Arsenal

There are dozens of exceptional techniques you can use to communicate your visual message with clarity, and they are all covered throughout this blog. Dynamic symmetry is the foundation; the first step. Then you must continue to learn other techniques like figure-ground relationship, greatest area of contrast, arabesques, ellipses, hierarchy, visual impact, etc. If artists don’t know how to use any of these techniques in their art, then unfortunately they will never reach the master level. Knowledge is definitely power!

Congratulations are in order though, because just by being on this page you have learned more about traditional composition techniques than the majority of artists in expensive art schools!

Bouguereau_Birth-of-Venus-Root 2 MAD

Bouguereau Analyzed Painting

In the video below you’ll also see a quick glimpse of how Bouguereau used dynamic symmetry grids to compose his amazing painting of the “Birth of Venus.”

If you’re wanting to learn more about dynamic symmetry, or are curious how to bring more power to your compositions, check out the other videos in the playlist!

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