» Dynamic Symmetry: Themes of Root Rectangles
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Dynamic Symmetry: Themes of Root Rectangles

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Welcome back everyone, thanks for all of the continued support! I’ve got a huge article for you today. We are going to be digging deep (super deep) into dynamic symmetry and looking at how the root rectangles can be easily divided into themes.

Dynamic symmetry is a simple tool…after all it’s just lines right? Yet, a lot of us are confused by it…I know I was when I first started learning about it. There’s not a specific point you need to start (unlike the rule of thirds). It’s not to be thought of as restricting, but to inspire the organization of a masterful composition with unity, rhythm, and movement. The piano is limited to 88 keys, but do composers like Mozart or Ludovico Einaudi complain? No, they use this limitation as power, just like a writer uses grammar and sentence structure.

This article is advanced knowledge of dynamic symmetry (see Day 14 for prerequisite), so if you’ve been wanting to learn more…here ya go! No geometric equations or crazy math skills required, we are just drawing lines.

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