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Edgar Degas Quote #3


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We’ve got a great quote by Edgar Degas today. Nothing like looking back to the master painters for inspiration and guidance! With this being our third quote by Degas, let’s see if we can absorb even more words of wisdom from this amazing artist.


“It is all very well to copy what one sees, but it is far better to draw what one now only sees in one’s memory. That is a transformation in which imagination collaborates with memory.” ~ Edgar Degas

This is a great quote by Degas. My interpretation is that once we can draw from memory we are free to introduce imagination into our work. Of course, you must first copy a lot of work, study, and draw, draw, draw. Only then will you be able to draw from memory. You will be comfortable with the anatomy of the human form, or familiar enough with the effects of light in order to render it correctly. You will be comfortable with design techniques and the way your image communicates to the viewer. You must learn these things first. If you haven’t a clue about any of them, then you will draw stick figures from memory and won’t be able to draw the images in your mind.

Below you’ll see drawings and paintings where Degas shows us his knowledge of anatomy, lighting, and composition.

Venus_and_Psyche_after_Raphael_by_Degas tumblr_mpknori5L71s0u653o1_1280 study-for-war-scene-in-the-middle-ages-edgar-degas standing-figure-drapery-study-edgar-degas 1280px-Edgar_Degas_-_Ballet_Rehearsal_on_Stage_-_Google_Art_Project R-20091207-0001.jpg

1280px-Edgar_Degas_-_La_famille_Bellelli 1280px-Edgar_Germain_Hilaire_Degas_009 1024px-Degas_-_Das_Ehepaar_Manet 800px-Edgar_Germain_Hilaire_Degas_069 800px-Edgar_Germain_Hilaire_Degas_037

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