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Einstein’s Struggle



Welcome back everyone! Thanks for joining in today. Much love for all of the continued support!

Today we are taking a look at a genius who once thought it would’ve been better if he weren’t born at all. I’ve included a documentary on Albert Einstein below (which is also available in the Virtual Library) that may give some hope and inspiration to any artists out there who continue to struggle with their art. Who know it is something special that should be shared with the world, but it seems that no one gives it serious consideration. Watching this documentary will show you that if you stick with it and remain persistent, then your art will eventually flourish. Don’t ever give up on something you are truly passionate about!

A Brief Summary

Even Einstein struggled as an artist. His professors thought he was a goof off, he couldn’t find a physicist job. His father died thinking he was a family disgrace. Einstein thought he was a loser, and one day wrote a letter to his family saying that it may be better if he were never born. He sat at his day job, a patent clerk, gazing out the window, dreaming about what it would be like to ride on the side of a light beam. This fairly simple job is what helped him refine things to a minimum and led to the famous equation E=MC2. Max Planck (theoretical physicist) finally finds his paper, and publishes it in 1905. This ended up being one of the most famous publications in science, and Einstein wasn’t even a scientist at the time. After this, he still continues to apply at colleges and finds nothing. In 1907 he rewrites his theory of special relativity, spends 10 years, through war and other tribulations, refining and understanding it further and comes up with the general theory of relativity. This new theory challenges his hero Sir Isaac Newton, the founder of modern science, who is credited for the law of gravity. After many challenges, Einstein endures his journey, produces his art relentlessly, and is finally recognized as the genius he is.  Stick with it, challenge yourself, continue to learn, share your knowledge and you will ultimately be recognized for your contributions to the art world.

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