» Excellent Street Photography by Alex Webb of Magnum Photos
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Excellent Street Photography by Alex Webb of Magnum Photos


Photo by Rebecca Norris Webb…Alex’s wife.


Hey everyone, hope the art is flourishing! I wanted to make this article to bring light to a photographer I just discovered that is really amazing at capturing photojournalistic and street photography type shots (in my opinion, those two terms go hand in hand). He tells stories and captures unique moments with his camera. Surprisingly enough, his wife is also a very talented photographer. Let’s take a look at some of his work, and some great videos showing him in action!

Alex Webb works for Magnum Photos, the same company that Henri Cartier-Bresson worked for. I would describe Webb as a master of framing, and Bresson the master of geometry. Both are very talented and, with Magnum Photos, they had full creative expression. This is probably every artists dream…to create the art they want, and have a hub to sell their work…the keyword is “their” work. It’s much different when you are hired to shoot photos for someone else because you have to deliver a product that is for them, by you…not for you, by you. Any artist that has done commissioned work knows exactly what I mean.

Vogue Masters: Alex Webb

Here’s Alex Webb standing by one of his famous pieces. I hope the videos and examples of his work inspire you to dust off your camera or buy one, then go out there and start capturing the world around you…one click at a time! Take care everyone!

If you’d like to read more about Alex Webb and soak up more inspiration, check out this BLOG article by Eric Kim, or this BLOG interview by NY Times.



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