» Film Photography Inspired by Bresson (Waikiki Meetup)
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Film Photography Inspired by Bresson (Waikiki Meetup)



Film is Definitely Not Dead!

This group (on Facebook) is for all of you film photographers who are very familiar with digital photography, but love the process of film. From the click of the shutter, loading film, and developing. Small digital cameras can be used, but please no “chimping” (looking at your LCD after every shot).

Henri Cartier-Bresson

Henri Cartier-Bresson was a master photographer and is well known for his excellent compositions. He used the 1.5 grid in almost every photo he captured. Let’s be inspired by him (and others) to capture our own amazing photography found in the streets of Waikiki. What better place than Waikiki to see all kinds of unique scenarios, characters, and decisive moments! This will be a fun chance to meet other like-minded photographers and keep film alive!

Meeting Up

Most of the action is where the people are. Waikiki is definitely a hot spot, but we don’t have to limit ourselves to this location. We can try to meet up on the weekends when mostly everyone is free. Perhaps twice a month, maybe more if it’s possible.

Sharing Your Photos

Feel free to share your film photography with the group and encourage others on their shot.


Inspiring film photographers of the past and present will be posted, as well as videos, and useful street photography techniques.

Benefits to Street Photography

1. Subject matter. No need to rely on a model to show up with perfect makeup and hair.

2. Challenging. It’s the perfect photography genre to try and hone your craft. When else are you going to have so many unique scenarios?

3. Fun. It’s exciting to actually pay attention to what is going on around you. From fashion statements, to once in a lifetime moments.

4. Socializing. It’s great to get out, people watch, smile at someone, or small talk with a stranger.

5. Documenting. You are capturing a piece of the time you live in. The present. The now. If done well, a story will emerge.


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