» Finding the GAC in Photoshop
  • The Masterful Set Designs of Mary Howard
    Welcome back everyone, much love for the continued support! Today we are going be looking at the amazing set designs by Mary Howard. You may not have heard of her, but you have definitely seen her beautiful work. She is one of the set designers for Annie Leibovitz! Set design may not sound interesting, but […]

Finding the GAC in Photoshop



 Alexandre Cabanel and his painting “Ophelia” will be used in the video to demonstrate how to find GAC.


Finding the GAC (Greatest Area of Contrast) is very important because it is where your viewers eyes will typically go first. Being aware of this and knowing how to find it will give you more power in controlling the way others see your art. Sometimes it’s easy to spot, other times it shows up where we don’t want it. This video will include a technique which I use in Photoshop to easily locate the lightest light and the darkest dark, ensuring further control over the design.

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