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Focus Your Artistic Efforts and Excel



Leonardo da Vinci was many things, a painter, drawer, inventor, and more. Though he had a hard time finishing some projects, all of his works have one very important thing in common. He started!. He had the guts to create, invent, and put his art out there into the world. This is an important step towards fulfilling your goals as an artist. Start! If you buy paints, and never paint, then you’re not a painter.



Another important step is to focus your efforts. Even though it may look like Leonard da Vinci didn’t focus his efforts, he did. Yes, he seems to have been interested in everything under the sun, but if we look at his art, we’ll see that it’s all focused in one area. One he does so much that he must favor it over the others. It’s his drawing. Even though he was into medical research, and inventing war machines and weapons, all of these things fell back to his drawing abilities. He could draw his inventions, and he could draw the medical events he witnessed. His knowledge of anatomy…everything he was curious about led back to and enhanced his drawing. He was focused.





Don’t be afraid to grab ahold of your passion, share your art, and focus your efforts to make your art even greater. When you try to make music, paint, take photos, write, make videos, your efforts are divided amongst several fields. Nothing gets the attention it deserves to grow, develop, and succeed. What Da Vinci seemed to do was learn areas that would enhance his main focus. He wasn’t going to become a doctor and still have the free time to draw and paint. He learned what he had to in order to enhance his understanding for his drawing needs.

If you are interested in making music, taking photos, writing, making videos, and graphic design, try to pick one to be a focus, then make all of the other arts enhance that focus. An example would be to choose photography as a focus, then start a blog to write about photography, make videos about your photography, make music for the videos of your photography, etc. You’re probably not going to become the next Martin Scorcesi with your videos, or the next Mark Twain for your writing, but you will focus your efforts and see your photography’s progress accelerate more rapidly, with the ability to enhance it in a variety of different means.


Taken in the National Gallery of Art, D.C., April 2014.


Even though Da Vinci has many unfinished pieces, what he accomplished on them is quite stunning in itself. Here’s a closeup of the above painting.


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