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Gestalt Psychology for Artists – Video Collection


Gestalt Psychology Video Collection for Artists

Learn how to compose your photograph or painting with Gestalt psychology, a powerful way to understand visual communication! If you can understand how others perceive works of art, then you can take control of the composition and provoke emotion in your viewer. Make them say “wow!” Don’t rely on your gut instinct for creating a remarkable image. It takes an understanding of exceptional knowledge, combined with application to create a beautiful masterpiece. You’ll find the knowledge you need in all seven of these videos! The application is up to you 😉


The videos in the series will cover:
1. Law of Continuity
– (more info) arabesques, coincidences, radiating lines, ellipses
2. Figure to Ground Relationship – (more info) finding the pocket, reversals
3. Law of Proximity – (more info) unifying objects, forced perspective, illusions, visual tension
4. Law of Similarity – (more info) gamut, repetition, patterns
5. Law of Pragnanz – (more info) first impressions, illusions
6. Law of Closure – (more info) enclosures, geometric shapes, chiaroscuro
7. Law of Symmetry – (more info) gazing direction, negative space, breathing room, value weight, perspective weight, magnetic momentum, complex balance

On-Location Photos from the Gestalt Psychology Series


About the Series

Once you learn these design techniques you will be on your way to clearly communicate your visual message. I will go through some of the most useful gestalt psychology principles to be used in your art, and show you how to apply them in your art.

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