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    #495 Welcome back everyone, thanks for joining in today! I appreciate all of the support! Today we are going to be taking a very close look at birds for color theory, and comparing them to famous photos and paintings. Doing this will allow us to learn and be inspired by Mother Nature. Connecting the dots […]

Gregory Crewdson Documentary



As you may know by now, movies have been a huge inspiration for my photography. I have a feeling Gregory Crewdson has been inspired by cinema as well. His photo shoots are a huge production, just like a still from a movie. I found this documentary on his process and thought it might spark some interest with those who haven’t heard of him. His compositions, lighting, colors, models, story…everything seems to align perfectly. It’s proof that thinking out your shoots and planning the fine details can produce some amazing results.



We’ve all been thrown into a situation where we don’t know what the model or the location looks like. The best you can do is go in with some technical/visual ideas of what you want to achieve. Though if you have a chance to plan out some looks or concepts, your design will be that much better. I remember hearing a fashion photographer say it takes weeks to plan a shoot. The same goes for painting or drawing. If you are going to create a magnificent design, spend a week developing it. Work out all of the kinks, then render everything. That’s the best way to communicate your message and lead the viewers eye through your image with powerful control.

Gregory Crewdson Documentary









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