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  • The Masterful Set Designs of Mary Howard
    Welcome back everyone, much love for the continued support! Today we are going be looking at the amazing set designs by Mary Howard. You may not have heard of her, but you have definitely seen her beautiful work. She is one of the set designers for Annie Leibovitz! Set design may not sound interesting, but […]

How to Design with Clouds


Photos taken in Kapolei, HI, 9/7/11…12 seconds apart from each other during sunset. This makes me think of two turtles reaching for each other through a pane of glass. What does it look like to you?


Welcome back everyone! Today we’ve got a great article which digs deep into those fluffy, white things in the sky…clouds. We will see how the masters used them not only to represent the atmosphere, but also to help their design by creating movement and guiding the viewers eyes through the composition. Let’s get started!

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