» How to Pose a Model with an Arabesque [Fine Art Fashion]
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    #498 Welcome back everybody, huge thanks for the continued support! You keep in-depth articles like this coming. Much love! As artists, we can learn a lot from cinematography. If a film has an experienced cinematographer, like P.J. Dillon of Vikings, they will present the majority of scenes with nice lighting, composition, and design. All which […]

How to Pose a Model with an Arabesque [Fine Art Fashion]



Wanting to learn how to pose the model to create unity and movement? Then check out this article where we cover how to pose the model with an arabesque! An arabesque is a curvilinear element that adheres to the Law of Continuity. It’s prominently found in nature (see Day 18), and was used by the master painters of the past (see Day 17). It’s the technique that helps add beauty to your composition.

We’ll also overlay the 1.5 dynamic symmetry grid over several photos from the rainforest photoshoot, and see what lines up. As always, thanks so much for the support everyone! Let’s get into it!

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