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Joe McNally Photography Quote



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Today we are taking a quick look at Joe McNally and his photography. He has a very commercial feel to his photography which I usually don’t prefer, but the fact that Joe is so honest, creative, down to earth, fun, and humble makes him a powerful leader and someone to be inspired by.

Here’s an excerpt from a video I have included at the bottom of the article. In regards to becoming a better photographer…

“Stick with it Man. Tenacity is not spoken of all that often because it’s not that glamorous. You read in the photo magazines about all of the photographers out there who are doing marvelous things and making lots of money, and first class air tickets, and beautiful fashion models…that’s all just a bunch of bologna. Maybe it happens to a few people, but certinaly it hasn’t happened to me. For me, the thing that I always have to remember about photography, and I always have remembered thankfully, is that this is hard work. And you are going to fail much more than you succeed. So embrace your failures. And understand that they are your path to being a better photographer.” ~ Joe McNally

Here’s Joe doing a crazy self portrait.


As you can see he has mastered lighting. He’s also using aerial perspective, GAC and FGR effectively. See how he blocks the bright window with the model, creating separation and grabbing our attention?


Another great shot showing a combination of slow shutter speed, warm ambient light, and flash.


Despite the somewhat messy hair, he really models the light on her face beautifully.


Here’s a quick interview with Joe McNally…where the quote from above came from.

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