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Johannes Vermeer – Master of Light



Today we are taking a look at Vermeer, who has been coined a master of light. We can’t argue his excellent abilities to capture and represent light within his paintings. Below is a great video and some examples of his work which will give you an idea of who he was.

He still remains a mystery to us, leaving no written words behind, only paintings. In the video you’ll learn that he doesn’t paint what he sees, he adjusts it to his own tastes to carefully represent the image he has visualized. They also talk about his vanishing point and how it directs the eyes to a point of interest. This is exactly what radiating lines do within a great design (see Day 35). They also go into futuristic illustrations of how Vermeer altered his paintings throughout it’s creative process. The video explains how he’s not copying nature, he’s using her beauty to compliment his design. Well, enjoy the video and the paintings below. I made some closeups of the details that you might find intriguing. See you next time!


Photo taken in the National Gallery of Art, D.C. 2014.










vermeer.art-painting Vermeer-the-Milkmaid Vermeer-The_Geographer Vermeer-soldier-laughing-girl Vermeer-guitar-player Johannes_Vermeer_-_A_Lady_and_Two_Gentlemen_-_WGA24639 Girl_with_a_Pearl_Earring



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