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John Free Street Photography Advice



Hello everyone! Today we are going to take a look at John Free’s great videos packed with all kinds of street photography tips. The more I dig into street photography techniques and look at other people’s work, the more I want to get out there and apply this composition stuff with the spontaneity of street photography…much like Bresson did with his work. I hope it inspires you to do the same!


If you’re looking for more information on John Free, I found a great interview with him HERE.

Walking with John Free in the Streets

Here’s the video which follows John Free around on the streets while he talks about technique and shows his refined shooting style. He’s shooting with the Nikon F3 HP, which is an old, yet reliable, film camera. He’s also using a 50mm prime lens.



Viewing Your Photos Logic/Emotion

This is another great video where he talks about detaching yourself emotionally after the photo is taken. Let it sit for a while so the logical side of your brain can help you determine if enough elements are available to communicate the emotion to your viewer. Because it’s different for the viewer since they weren’t there and didn’t experience it in the same way you did.


Think Before Clicking

In this one he walks the streets and talks about his thought process. To eliminate guessing and consider the shot before taking the picture. I also talk about this in Day 245, but I wish I would’ve seen it before I made that video. It’s quite inspiring stuff! He points out that you’ve gotta restrain yourself from clicking the shutter without considering the final image…don’t just hope that it “might turn out”. He talks about simplifying your camera functions in order to capture the shot.

Hope you all enjoyed these videos and photos by John Free. Get your gear and go out there and shoot! See you next time!



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