» Juliette Aristides – ANALYZED DRAWING
  • Color Theory Inspired by Birds
    #495 Welcome back everyone, thanks for joining in today! I appreciate all of the support! Today we are going to be taking a very close look at birds for color theory, and comparing them to famous photos and paintings. Doing this will allow us to learn and be inspired by Mother Nature. Connecting the dots […]

Juliette Aristides – ANALYZED DRAWING

Mastering Composition with Juliette Aristides- Analyzed Nude Drawing


Juliette Aristides is a very talented artist with several books available related to drawing and painting. She studied with Myron Barnstone in his studios and learned design, giving her a solid foundation for the future of her art. In the following images I will analyze the different elements of design she may have used during her planning process. Once you get the composition down, you are half finished.

If you missed the first analyzed photo of Annie Leibovitz¬†worry not (see Day 2). Also, if these terms are new to you, all of the definitions are here. If you’ve been following each day, you should have a descent feel for them. I will dig deep into each technique¬†as the 365 progresses so you will have a definite idea of their meaning.

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