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Law of Closure and Gestalt Psychology Best for Artists [Powerful!]

What is the Law of Closure

The Law of Closure is an excellent Gestalt psychology principle that artists can incorporate into their art to create unity. It works hand-in-hand with the Law of Continuity, and plays off of simple geometric shapes like the circle, square, or triangle. It also works with familiar symbols, and lighting techniques like chiaroscuro.

As we’ve learned from the other Gestalt theories, the mind will simplify visual stimuli in quickest way possible. It sees the whole, before the individual parts. That’s how the Law of Closure exists…the mind fills the gaps and makes sense out of something…even if it’s seeing something arbitrary.

Let me simplify this concept…

In the example below, we see the simple triangular shape on the left. To the right, we see the same triangular shape, but this time the mind is closing several gaps to make sense out of what we are seeing. This is the Law of Closure at work. Knowing how the mind automatically does this, allows us to create unique designs or illusions in our art when we want.

law-of-closure-gestalt-psychology-triangle-shapes-no-pandaWe can take things a step further and view these random shapes organized in a way to create another familiar shape.  On the left, we see nothing that resembles familiarity, but when the shapes are reorganized to incorporate the Law of Closure, we get the familiar panda from the “Panda Express” logo. Cool right!?

What if we went even further?

law-of-closure-gestalt-psychology-random-shapes-with-pandaLet’s apply the Law of Closure to a painting now, and see what we get.

In the Peter Paul Rubens painting below (see Day 124), we have tons of movement and unity. This master painter, from centuries ago, completely understood all of the Gestalt psychology principles and utilized them to control the visual perception of his masterpiece.

Want to know how Rubens did it? Want me to reveal his secret magic trick and show you his hidden design?

law-of-closure-gestalt-psychology-peter-paul-rubens-paintingHere you go!

Rubens used ellipses, which adhere to the Law of Closure, to create unity and movement. See how the mind fills the gaps? This technique is hidden, but so powerful! The viewer can feel the impact of the added unity and movement, but they’ll never be able to identify what is causing it. Sneaky Rubens, reeeeeal sneaky!

The Law of Closure is such a powerful technique, and knowledge of how to incorporate it in art is what separates the mediocre artists from the elite. Check out even more amazing examples in the rich video!


What the Video Covers

This sixth video covers the Law of Closure, a technique used for mastering composition. With plenty of examples and an on-location photo session (photo below) we will demonstrate how to effectively use techniques such as unifying objects with enclosures, and the chiaroscuro lighting technique to create a masterpiece.

In this Law of Closure video we will also touch on techniques such as dynamic symmetry, Law of Continuity, gazing direction, and our obsession with the triangle. These are all the same techniques used by master painters and they can be applied to your art, whether it’s photography, painting, or sculpting to clearly communicate to your viewer with power. The Law of Closure is just one of many techniques that will help you reach the master level!

*Pre-Requisite – since Gamut greatly relates to the dynamic symmetry of root rectangles (see Day 14) it would be beneficial if you familiarized yourself with it a bit. Not necessary, because the techniques in the video still apply, but it would heighten your level of comprehension. Alternatively, I have several videos on YouTube that explain dynamic symmetry.

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On location photo from the Law of Closure video.


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Law of Closure Preview Video

Please enjoy the Law of Closure preview video below where I demonstrate some of the techniques for mastering unity in your composition.



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