» Law of Closure Video – Gestalt Psychology for Artists

Law of Closure Video – Gestalt Psychology for Artists


Law of Closure – What the Video Covers

This sixth video covers the Law of Closure, a technique used for mastering composition. With plenty of examples and an on-location photo session (photo below) we will demonstrate how to effectively use techniques such as unifying objects with enclosures, and the chiaroscuro lighting technique to create a masterpiece. In this Law of Closure video we will also touch on techniques such as dynamic symmetryLaw of Continuity, gazing direction, and our obsession with the triangle. These are all the same techniques used by master painters and they can be applied to your art, whether it’s photography, painting, or sculpting to clearly communicate to your viewer with power. The Law of Closure is just one of many techniques that will help you reach the master level!


*Pre-Requisite – since Gamut greatly relates to the dynamic symmetry of root rectangles (see Day 14) it would be beneficial if you familiarized yourself with it a bit. Not necessary, because the techniques in the video still apply, but it would heighten your level of comprehension. Until I have a video available to explain dynamic symmetry in detail, I will include a PDF download of The Master Pass article on the subject. FREE with all video Downloads.


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