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Law of Proximity and Gestalt Psychology Best for Artists [Powerful!]

What is the Law of Proximity?

The Law of Proximity is a powerful Gestalt psychology principle that artists can use to create unity in their art. Sure, unity is great, but what if you could use it to create forced perspective and visual tension? Now that would be cool! It just so happens that we can use the Law of Proximity for all of these things.

We’ve learned in the other Gestalt theories, that the mind will always try to simplify visual stimuli. Typically it creates unity, even if unity was not the objective. When objects are in close proximity of each other, they are grouped within the mind. We see the whole, before the individual parts. Knowing how the mind utilizes the Law of Proximity, gives us the power to incorporate it when we want.

For instance, in the Gregory Crewdson image below, the Law of Proximity amplifies the somber mood he’s setting. The man and woman have tons of negative space between them (lacking close proximity), so Crewdson creates a story of separation. Almost like they are pondering divorce.

So, how do we change the story?


When we use the Law of Proximity and move the woman closer, they are united in a way that completely changes the story. It’s almost like they are sad about something that happened to both of them, and they have empathy for each other. All that’s missing is her hand on his shoulder.


Another great way the Law of Proximity can be used is for juxtapositions. This is an excellent technique for street photographers with a sense of humor.

In the image below we see a sign that reads, “movie prop.” Now, if we recompose our composition to include a woman laying on the beach, we are able to create a humorous story that didn’t exist in reality. How fun is that?!

So, what else can we do with the Law of Proximity?

Law-of-Proximity-gestalt-psychology-technique-movie-prop-by-tavis-leaf-gloverAs mentioned earlier, we can use the Law of Proximity to create illusions. In the image below, we can capture the photo when the surfer is in close proximity of the woman’s stomach. This is considered forced perspective, because the man looks like he’s standing on a giant woman. It’s an illusion…a trick.

Such a fun technique!

law-of-proximity-gestalt-psychology-principle-surfer-legs-photo-by-tavis-leaf-gloverWe can also create visual tension in our art by utilizing the Law of Proximity. In this next photo (and demonstrated in the video), I show how the original photo had the subjects further apart. I made them closer to each other to increase the visual tension…he’s almost able to reach her, but not quite. This is similar to Adam reaching for Jesus in the famous painting on the Sistine Chapel ceiling (see Day 191).

You see, once you completely understand these Gestalt psychology principles, you’re able to take control of the visual perception. As of right now, can you control the way the viewer sees your art? Don’t you feel it’s an important part of creating remarkable art? The powerful tools are within the video series, and they are in the arsenal of any elite artist.


What the Video Covers

This third video covers the Law of Proximitya technique used for mastering composition. With plenty of examples and an on-location photo session (photos below) we will demonstrate how to effectively use techniques such as unifying contrasting objectsjuxtapositionsamusing illusions, forced perspective, and visual tension to create a masterpiece. In the Law of Proximity video we will also touch on techniques such as dynamic symmetry, gamut, arabesques, and Figure-Ground Relationship. These are all the same techniques used by master painters and they can be applied to your art, whether it’s photography, painting, or sculpting to clearly communicate to your viewer with power. This Law of Proximity video will bring you one step closer to surpassing your plateau and reaching the master level!

*Pre-Requisite – since Gamut greatly relates to the dynamic symmetry of root rectangles (see Day 14) it would be beneficial if you familiarized yourself with it a bit. Not necessary, because the techniques in the video still apply, but it would heighten your level of comprehension. Alternatively, I have several videos on YouTube that explain dynamic symmetry.

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On-location photos from the law of proximity video.


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