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    #503 Welcome back everyone, thanks for joining in today! I appreciate all of the amazing support! We’re going to be looking at depth of field and how your f/stop can help or hinder your storytelling. This article is great for beginners or professionals because it’s widely being taught that bokeh is a necessity, rather than […]

Learn How Our Eyes Scan Artwork



Welcome back to the design veterans who have been with me from Day 1, and thanks for joining in on the fun to all the new artists who just discovered this project. All of the support is much appreciated! Let’s get into today’s article.

Our peripheral vision picks up a lot of information before we even have time to consider what the image is about. This is a result of our eyes and mind scanning…constantly (not scanning as they say in this BLOG because they don’t include the peripheral vision which doesn’t require eye movement.) We subconsciously follow a natural line of continuation before we realize it’s a design element leading us. We see big blocks of color as one object before we take time to find out if there is detail within it (I’m not a scientist or an eye doctor, this can all be seen by simply looking). Since we naturally assume these things…easily figure out the puzzle, unlock the door in a split second, this can potentially take away from the interest of the image and lean on the verge of boring. Someone can glance at the frame of a painting, not the painting itself, and easily decipher if the painting has a sky full of beautifully designed clouds, or boring blue emptiness. Knowing how the eye scans can help you anticipate the way the viewer will look at an image and allow you to incorporate design techniques to keep them intrigued. To hook them, then reel them in.

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