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Leonardo Da Vinci Quote, Picasso Master Copy, and Tiny Habits


Drawing by Leonardo da Vinci.


How’s everyone been doing? Hope you are surviving summer so far! Today I wanted to share a great quote by Leonard da Vinci as well as a new master copy of Picasso that I finished up this June. Oh, and I also include some priceless tips on how to establish good, tiny, creative habits so you can make time for the art you’ve been wanting to accomplish.

As most artists, I’m always trying to find more time to create, more time to draw, take photos, paint, read, and enjoy life. It’s tough, especially when your day job gets in the way. There’s always so much to do and no time to do it. Well, I wanted to share with you something that has helped me develop new habits to try and accomplish some of these creative outlets mentioned above.

In the video below you can watch a Ted talk about how we can create tiny habits after established habits…those that are already part of our daily routine. You know…brushing your teeth (I hope this is a habit of yours), drinking coffee or tea, showering, eating breakfast/lunch/dinner, walking, working, etc. So, in the video he says that to develop the habit of flossing, you start with one tooth. After you brush your teeth (a regular habit) you floss one tooth. Then you celebrate with positive reinforcement….say “I’m Awesome” out loud, or do a funky chicken dance. Anything to acknowledge you’ve done something positive towards your goal…flossing.

Below is a list of things that I tried to work on…slowly, one tooth at a time…so to speak. Now, I didn’t do the goofy, positive reinforcement stunt, but that’s for the benefit of everyone…I’m a horrible dancer.

My Regular Habits = Coffee (I don’t drink coffee now…just tea), Brush Teeth, Shower, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Street Photography.
My Desired Habits = Draw more, Paint, Read more, Create more Blog Posts, Try New Local Foods with Mandy, Social Media Posts.

So, the plan was…
After my first cup of tea I would read one page of my book.
After brushing my teeth I would post one thing to social media.
After breakfast I would create one new blog post idea.
During a shower I would think about painting.
After street photography I would draw something…anything.
After getting paid I would think of one new local eatery to try (cheap, sloppy, tasty).

To tell you the truth, it worked! I’m reading more, drawing more, trying new local eateries with Mandy, and prepping new blog posts. I haven’t painted anything…at all. The social media thing always gets me too because I don’t enjoy posting on all the little different “time sucks” out there (Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest), but it’s necessary to spread this info…right?

So, this brings us to the Leonard da Vinci quote for the day.

“Iron rusts from disuse; water loses its purity from stagnation… even so does inaction sap the vigor of the mind.” ~ Leonardo da Vinci

If you don’t take action and create the good habits that will nurture your art, the cobwebs of resistance will start gathering in the corners of your beautiful mind.

Now, I wanted to share with you a new master copy of Picasso I did while I was creating my “tiny habits.” Remember? After I would take street photos, I would come home and draw something. So, I decided to copy a Picasso to learn a bit about his drawing process. Below is the original of the “Weeping Woman.” Pretty cool, pretty freaky, pretty ugly. It’s got Picasso’s name written all over it.


Here’s my version (below) done in a little sketch book with graphite (which is why it’s so light in comparison). Not perfect, but no one said it needed to be. The point is that I’m drawing more than I was before…and it feels great!

Drawing this master copy I learned how much acid Picasso must’ve dropped in the process of his “weeping woman” creation. Can anything else describe the results…besides heavy drug use? I have zero experience with drugs outside of alcohol, but I imagine this is what a bad trip looks like. Or maybe he took lessons from child drawings. Either way he nails it perfectly. Look at the way the fingers are drawn fat and pointy. The hair is in strands instead of trying to make it look realistic. The tears are solid bars. He must’ve researched child drawings a lot before creating this masterpiece full of fun.  A snot-nosed-booger-eater with a spaghetti stained face could’ve finished this in 20 minutes, but it took me about four hours to finish this hideous excuse for a master copy. Time well spent in my book 😉


That does it for today! I hope you find some inspiration in this. Watch that video! Develop your tiny habits so they can become permanent in your life and promote even more creativity within you. See you next time!

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