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Life is Like a Cinnamon Roll



Yes, you read the title correctly. As I was eating a cinnamon roll the other day, which happens to be my favorite pastry of all time, I thought of this metaphor. Life starts with the crusty outside; minimal icing and cinnamon. Then with each bite, as the roll unwinds, it gets softer and unveils more cinnamon-gooeyness. By the time we reach the center we are in bliss! Life is like this to me. With each year, it continues to get better, but it’s not something that happens automatically.

It all has to do with gaining knowledge. Learning from mistakes and applying our wisdom is the best way to make life more enjoyable in the future. As long as we keep feeding our knowledge, and maintain our health, life will be like a cinnamon roll.

Some of you might not think so. Certainly some bad things will pop up further down the road, but it’s what you do with these things that will determine your future. Some would call it “turning lemons into lemonade.” The death of a loved one could utterly destroy you, or it could inspire you to finally live your life the way you’ve been wanting. You could wreck your new car, but it could inspire you to walk around more with your camera.

Some of you might be scared to face your next birthday, but what if birthdays were not remembered as a number? Would you still dread turning 30, 40, 50, or would you relate your age to the way you feel? If you feel healthy, then does a number really matter?

With age comes the distinct ability to reflect on your past and realize how much wiser and knowledgable you are. You learn quicker and take less risks based on what you’ve experienced. If the past is dragging you down, and you’re living with regret from something you did or didn’t do, think about what you can do today in order to learn from it. Learning from past regret will allow you to move forward, making your life more gooey and sweet with each day…just like a cinnamon roll. So, how do you learn from past regret?

To learn from past regret and continue making lemonade, try doing the exact opposite (that is, as long as it’s legal). I’ll give you an example.

I wish I would’ve done things differently when I was younger. Maybe I could’ve played less video games, or learned a skill that could benefit me in the future. I could’ve started shooting photos earlier, learned to draw, or read more books. Don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t want to relive my teenage years if you paid me! Not that things were horrible, it’s just being wiser and not having to make the same mistakes has it’s benefits.

Instead of sulking in a corner and thinking to myself, “If I had only done things differently, life would be better today,” I do the opposite and get the lemonade I’m looking. Since I played too many video games in the past, I made sure not to buy a gaming console that would tempt me today. Since I was a brat to my mom and sisters in the past, I shower them with protection and love today. Since I didn’t read or draw very much in the past, I make a point to do them every day. Doing the opposite of any past regrets is something that I learned could change my life and guide me down the path I’ve been wanting to be on. Perhaps it will work for you too?

If you like the person you are today, then ease up on any past regrets you may have. Being happy as you are now proves that you’ve already learned from those mistakes. Now, continue to guide yourself down the right path by doing the opposite of your past regrets. Do this and you’re certain to keep making life like a cinnamon roll…more delicious with every bite.

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