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Life is Like a Cinnamon Roll

Virtual-cinnamon-rollLife is Like a Cinnamon Roll

Yes, you read correctly. As I was eating a cinnamon roll the other day, which happens to be my favorite pastry of all time, I thought of this metaphor. It starts with the crusty outside…not much icing or cinnamon, then with each bite, as the roll unwinds, it gets softer, with more cinnamon and gooey icing. By the time we reach the center we are in bliss. Soft, gooey, cinnamon covered bliss! Life is like this to me. With each year, it continues to get better.

It all has to do with happy life experiences and gaining knowledge. Learning from our mistakes and applying our wisdom. As long as we keep feeding our knowledge, and maintain our health, life will be like a cinnamon roll. Some of you might not think so. Some of you are terrified of each year as it comes, but what if birthdays were not remembered? Would you still dread turning 30 or 40, or would you reflect on your past and realize how much wiser and knowledgable you are? How much you’ve been through, accomplished, and happily experienced? I wouldn’t want to relive my teenage years if you paid me! Not because they were horrible at the time, but I enjoy my life as it is…right now. With memories of childhood, and experience with travel, art, and life. I make the choices to create my own future, and I’m excited to see where I’ll end up!

This can be applied to our art as well. As we gain experience, and practice our craft, it becomes better and better. If we don’t continue to nurture our life with unique experiences, adventurous traveling, beautiful art, insightful knowledge, and memories of happiness, what is there to look forward to?

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