» Looking at Your Old Photographs with a New Eye
  • Paolo Roversi Photography Analyzed [7 Techniques]
    #494 Welcome back everyone! Huge thanks for all of the awesome support, you’re truly appreciated! Today we are going to be deconstructing the remarkable photos of fashion photographer, Paolo Roversi. We’ll look close at his design techniques and unique artistic style (see Day 122), then discover the secret recipe to his best photos. We’ll also see […]

Looking at Your Old Photographs with a New Eye


Photo taken in 2011


As you learn these techniques of design, I encourage you to go back through your old photos and see if you can spot some lucky shots. Maybe shots you liked, but never really understood why. You’ll probably be surprised to find a few gems.  Try and reedit them and bring them back to life. What have you got to lose! But for the most part, you’ll see clearly what worked, and what you could’ve done better.

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