» Myron Barnstone Interview: A Journey to Find the Techniques of Design
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Myron Barnstone Interview: A Journey to Find the Techniques of Design



Mastering Composition is no easy feat, but Myron Barnstone has done an excellent job of sharing the design techniques used by master painters, and making it understandable so others can employ it into their art. Please enjoy this amazing interview with Myron describing his artistic journey, providing guidance, and telling humorous anecdotes.

For any of you who have been following this blog, you’ll know that Myron Barnstone is the man that changed my life. “Timing is everything” (see Day 123) as they say, and I couldn’t have been more fortunate to complete an interview with Myron before I left the East Coast and moved back to Hawaii. I was just thinking about the move back, when it hit me…”I should interview Myron!” I wanted something more. One last video to show his sense of humor, his paintings, and his priceless insight on art and design. His documentary from the 70’s is excellent, but I wanted a follow up because I knew he was a different person back then. I knew artists, and students of his, would love to see how he was doing. Squeezing out more masterful knowledge from Myron is just what the art world needs!

Please enjoy the interview as it is full of Myron, art, and inspiration! Below you can see some of Myron’s amazing paintings (and detailed photos) which are a rare treat and not easy to find anywhere else. If you are wanting to support Myron you can find his life changing DVD’s on Drawing and Color Theory on his site.

MyronBarnstonePainting4MyronBarnstonePaintingdetail4 MyronBarnstonePainting5

MyronBarnstonePainting5detail MyronBarnstonePainting3

MyronBarnstonePaintingdetail3 MyronBarnstonePainting2



Myron’s Response to the Interview


What you did for my legacy, if I’m to have one, was to give form and powerful focus to my years as an art student and lecturer.

The documentary you gave form and purpose to, was absolutely marvelous.

I am so very gratified and grateful for your professional excellence.

I thank you, and I know my students thank you.

It would seem you have a vehicle with which to further your future career.


Myron Barnstone”


My Response Email to Myron

thank you for the kind words and allowing me to be part of this interview. I’m very honored to be the one who helps share your legacy with other artists. You have done a great deal to change the lives of countless students and your work will carry on for many lifetimes…all while you are sipping adult beverages with the other masters. I know Van Gogh, Degas, Da Vinci and the others will welcome you with open arms.

I’m very grateful as well Myron, and the course of my life and the way I view art has forever changed. I can’t thank you enough. Be well, and please reach out to me if there’s anything I can assist with.

Take care,


A memory I will always cherish! Myron and I sitting on his couch in Frederick, MD. February 7th, 2015

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