» Negative Space and Filling the Grid in Photography and Painting
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    #494 Welcome back everyone! Huge thanks for all of the awesome support, you’re truly appreciated! Today we are going to be deconstructing the remarkable photos of fashion photographer, Paolo Roversi. We’ll look close at his design techniques and unique artistic style (see Day 122), then discover the secret recipe to his best photos. We’ll also see […]

Negative Space and Filling the Grid in Photography and Painting



This painting by Degas shows nice use of negative space. It’s in the shape of a triangle which we will cover below.


You may have heard of “Fill the Frame” which is an old term used to refer to composition. Ok, fill in your frame, but with what and how? Just fill it and we’re good? No, no, no, no…let’s “Fill the Grid” because by now we are familiar with the dynamic symmetry of our grid and we have an understanding of what we can do to better organize and design our art. Filling the frame doesn’t help composition, but if you can manage to lock in several important items into your basic armature grid, then you will be in more control of your design.

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