» One or Many Focal Points in Art?

One or Many Focal Points in Art?



Painting by Rene Magritte


Hello everyone, welcome back, and thanks for all of the support so far. Much love!

So, we ask the big question today. Should a photo, movie scene, or painting only have one focal point? Ever since I found this BLOG asking the question, I had to dig deeper into the subject. At first thought I was thinking YES. But then again, some photographers could have the focus right on the subject, blur out the background with some creamy bokeh, and still end up with a horrible image. I think the real question here is a matter of hierarchy. Imagine a photo where the subject in the foreground is in focus, as well as the subject in the background. You wouldn’t know which would be the main hero of the photo. You need a hierarchy. You need to establish what your subject is and let everything else be of lesser importance by means of design.

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