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Photography Composition and Design Book [Street Photography]

Street photography is one of the toughest genre’s of photography out there. The same goes for family or wedding photography. If you think about it, they are similar in many ways. We all hope to capture a unique moment, with a compelling story, great composition, and visual clarity. The techniques taught in this book will give you the edge you need to vastly improve all of these desires.

Countless photographers out there want to push their art further, but they’ve run face first into a nasty plateau. Are you satisfied with your current skill level? Elite artists are never satisfied. Absorbing quality knowledge and applying it is the only way to become a master of your craft.

Do you want to be like other photographers, using their “gut instinct” and luck to capture something remarkable? If we want to excel as artists, we can’t be too lackadaisical or frugal to invest in quality knowledge that can majorly boost our current skill level? Never join the masses, join the elite!

Photography Composition & Design Book Description

Learn serious composition and design techniques in a fun way that will launch you to the master level. You might even get a chuckle from the film photos capturing whacky tourists as they wonder aimlessly on the beautiful beach of Waikiki, Hawaii. Take part in the fun and seriously improve your art in a way that would make Da Vinci and Van Gogh smile with pride!

Street, wedding, or family photographers will love the powerful techniques demonstrated inside. There are 266 pages (printed or PDF version), over 350 photos and diagrams, tons of techniques covered, and assignments to get you started!


Photography Composition & Design Book Preview

Here’s a fun little preview I made here in Waikiki, Hawaii. Check out the beautiful scenery from the beach and enjoy the flip through!

Photography Composition & Design Book Review

Here’s an excellent and entertaining book review from Andrew at Modern Artist on YouTube. He did a great job of reviewing the book and demonstrating the way dynamic symmetry can help you create more interesting compositions (surpassing the rule of thirds) by incorporating more diagonals and geometry. Thanks Andrew for sharing this information with other photographers!

Table of Contents

The table of contents below lists all of the amazing techniques that are covered…figure-ground relationship, law of continuity, separating shapes, color theory and more. Not to mention all of the great philosophy behind shooting photographs when you are out and about. No other book puts together these powerful techniques in such a simple and fun way!


Page Previews from the Photography Composition & Design Book

Here are a few samples of the book and PDF page layout. The PDF is coming mid-February. You can download the high resolution samples HERE to read the info a bit clearer.










Street Guerrilla Night Photography Video

My friend Mychal Sargent from Sunburned Albino Productions made this awesome video of us doing some night street photography in downtown Honolulu (January, 2012). I’ve learned so much since then and have jam packed it into the book.


Rave Reviews on Goodreads and Amazon!

1. Order a Printed Copy & Carry it Everywhere

The printed book is beautifully created by Blurb. The images are vibrant and crisp, and it comes in three different varieties; hard cover with a dust jacket, hard cover with image wrap, and soft cover. Check out the free preview of the hardcover from Blurb below.

There are 266 pages, over 350 photos and diagrams, tons of techniques covered, and assignments to get you started!

Click HERE to Buy the Hardcover with Dust Jacket $79.99 $59.99 (25% Off)

Click HERE to Buy the Hardcover with Image Wrap $79.99 $59.99 (25% Off)

Click HERE to Buy the Softcover $59.99 $46.99 (25% Off)

Flip through a few pages HERE.
*The preview may look stretched, but the printed version looks perfect.


2. All Digital Formats Available

Enjoy reading the PDF, eBook, or Kindle anywhere you like! Yes, you get all three formats to read it however works best for you now, and in the future. The digital books are designed and styled beautifully, and the PDF is exactly like the printed version.

Within the instant download, you’ll find a High Resolution version for crisp images or printing the book at home, and a Lower Resolution version if you are downloading from your phone or traveling.

I’ve also got a Spreads version for you within the download…this way you can see the large, two-page images as a whole. This will give you the best feel for the amazing printed book…as seen in the examples above.

There are 266 pages, over 350 photos and diagrams, tons of techniques covered, and assignments to get you started! Check out the ebook screenshots below (from an iPad), where you can see the functions of highlighting, table of contents, bookmarking, and more!


EMAIL Download includes:
1 – Photography Composition & Design PDF (High Res, Spreads, and Low Res)
1 – Photography Composition & Design Kindle eBook
1 – Photography Composition & Design iPhone/iPad eBook

After purchasing the book, you will receive an email within 1-8 hours that will include your download links. On a MOBILE DEVICE? No worries! With the link in the email you can get the goodies when you’re back at your main computer.

Download Size: 644.1MB

$29.98 $12.99 SAVE!

Assignments and Field Notes PDF Download – FREE

These are made for artists who have purchased the digital download and want to print these assignments to help them achieve their goals.






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