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  • Shallow vs Deep DOF: Storytelling in Photography
    #503 Welcome back everyone, thanks for joining in today! I appreciate all of the amazing support! We’re going to be looking at depth of field and how your f/stop can help or hinder your storytelling. This article is great for beginners or professionals because it’s widely being taught that bokeh is a necessity, rather than […]

Pitfalls of Photography


Here’s a photo I made at the request of the model. With no concept in mind it’s merely an exercise in Photoshop that anyone can achieve.


I know I’ve been saying this a lot lately, but thanks again for all of the support, it’s much appreciated!!

Today we are taking a look at a few pitfalls of photography. I made this list a while ago to help me stay away from these pitfalls and to share them with others in the attempt to inspire some originality. There are a lot of trends in photography, which are fun to produce if you are still learning, but if you want to make a stand, and want to be the trend setter, to bring your photos to the next level, you must be original and do your best to avoid the common mistakes listed below.

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