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Quality or Quantity?

Are you interested in quality or quantity? Personally, I favor quality.

If I had $100 dollars to spend on chocolate that I could only enjoy once in my life, you wouldn’t find me at Wal-Mart buying the tasteless bulk chocolate from the baking isle. I would seek out the best chocolate I could afford that would allow me to taste and remember chocolate as it should be. Maybe splurge on some of the French chocolate that is suppose to make you swoon.

This same idea applies to most things in life.  Would you rather have one Louis Vuitton bag, or 30 bags from Ross Dress For Less? An iPhone, or 5 Nokia flip phones? I’m not saying to be materialistic, and we all have to live inside our budget, but if you have a budget for a once in a lifetime opportunity, wouldn’t you spend it on getting something of quality that would let you thoroughly enjoy and remember it? The same goes for relationships, friendships, pets, or even speaking….using intellectual words instead of curse words.

If you are agreeing with me so for, or at least seeing a hint of validity, wouldn’t you do the same thing when choosing your wedding photographer? Your engagement or family photographer? Your maternity photographer? This is the person capturing one of the most memorable days of your life. Don’t you want the photos to be beautiful enough to enjoy each time you see them instead of being a DVD full of 1000 mediocre images that are buried in a box full of forgotten memories? My photography has been pushed to the side more times than I’m aware of, for spray and pray photographers who offer a gazillion pictures in their photo packages, but it seems that the decision should be an easy one. Choose quality over quantity.

I spend a huge amount of time honing my craft and editing images to make them look the best that they can. I know the importance of quality, and I don’t allow the images to fall short. I hand select the images that have the most impact and emotion, then edit them so nothing distracts from the beauty of the day. This process takes a lot longer than the click and burn wedding photographers out there. I care about quality. I care about how my integrity and passion can give you memorable images to enjoy for your lifetime, and your great-great-grand children’s lifetime.

I will always cherish the quality things in life! Thank you for reading this and trying to learn more about my philosophy and passion towards quality imagery.

(all photos captured and edited by Tavis Leaf Glover)

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