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    #503 Welcome back everyone, thanks for joining in today! I appreciate all of the amazing support! We’re going to be looking at depth of field and how your f/stop can help or hinder your storytelling. This article is great for beginners or professionals because it’s widely being taught that bokeh is a necessity, rather than […]

Say Hello To Other Artists



Hey everyone, welcome back! I wanted to use today to give you an opportunity to share your work and meet other artists that might inspire you. We are all in this art journey together and nothing is more thrilling than meeting fellow artists that share the same passion.

Please feel free to comment below and provide a link to your artwork. Introduce yourself, let us know where you are from, what type of art you create, and how long you’ve been doing it. Plus anything else you’d like to share. I would love to see some of your work. Whether you are experienced or just starting out, sharing your work is a characteristic of a true artist. If you paint a portrait and keep it in the attic you are merely a painter, not an artist. Being an artist is about connecting with others and sharing your unique vision.

The first 10 submissions will be included in the post if you wish…photo, painting, scribble, sculpture, good, bad, or ugly. This is all about sharing and meeting other artists. I may add more submissions, it just depends on how lengthy the article gets.


Hi, I’m Tavis! I was born in Colorado Springs, CO…moved around a bunch…mostly small towns. Some people might perceive my quietness as shyness, but I think it’s just me being a good listener. Growing up with three sisters is perfect training for this. So, after all of the small towns I felt like I needed to get out and experience more of life. I got this artistic bug and started to pursue my dreams…first Vegas, next Hawaii, then Allentown, PA…of all places. But I must say, the schooling I received here in PA was worth the freezing winter conditions. Don’t worry, Hawaii is next on my list as I wish to teach photography and design techniques on location in a warm and nature filled environment. Nothing satisfies me more than going on a hike and taking pictures, but to do this while teaching design techniques and inspiring other artists would make it a dream come true.

So, where are you from and how long have you been creating art?


Facebook or Website

“Hi Tavis and everyone….I’m from Ontario and have been studying in the classical realist tradition for almost 5 years now. What I’ve been wondering is how does a portrait fit into this design method as I’m capturing an actual likeness of a person?? How does that fit into a grid?? Here is an example piece…Thanks!!”


Drawing by Susan Leite.



Hello! I’m Laura Mason and I was born, raised and still live in Baltimore, MD. My website is LauraMasonArt.com and you can view my work there. I started drawing at age 6, right when I got my first pair of eyeglasses and realized that the world was not the blurry place I’d seen my whole life (thank you Mrs. Reilly – first grade teacher for noticing I was blind as a bat.) The world is such a beautiful place. I could not help but to study and try to reproduce visually all that I have seen. I have sold much of my work on my own, and love meeting the people who buy my work. I am not at the point where I can quit my ‘day-job’ though, I am a software analyst by day which keeps the bulldog from the door.

My adult art life and study began when I was 13. My grandfather retired and bought all the paints, and other supplies to do what he always wanted to do, paint. Then promptly had a stroke! He was fully rehabilitated and lived many more years, but, he decided he could not paint at that point and gave me EVERYTHING, knowing of my love for drawing. I grew up in a blue-collar family and did not go to college, but we all studied where we could and I did go to an art school here in Baltimore part time and have been painting ever since!

Now, I’m loving learning all I missed!


Painting by Laura Ann Mason



Hello! I’m Katie Hallaron from Liverpool, UK!
I’m currently a student studying Game Art Design; which involves digital painting in Photoshop and creating 3D models to be used in games and computer generated visualisations. I’ve been doing this for over a year and will be continuing my studies for another year to graduate as a Game Artist.
I’m fairly new to digital art and have only recently become aware of the academic application of composition techniques, but I’ve spent all of my life being fascinated by artists from every art movement and have been drawing and painting for as long as I can remember!
Thank you!


Artwork by Katie Hallaron



Hello there, I’m Kyle O’Connor out of Long Beach, CA. I always loved all kinds of art but never went past simple drawings until I was 13 and my dad introduced me to his old photography stuff. He had everything I needed to setup a basic darkroom in our garage and I had a ton of fun shooting, developing, and printing photos. I lost this setup after about 5 years and an early digital camera without a viewfinder slowly killed my drive until I turned my attention elsewhere. I realized a few years ago I was really missing photography in a way that drawing and painting never really made up for so I got a camera and have been trying to do as much as I can with it.

Most of my previous work had been of the found street photography variety which I still enjoy but I’ve really been focusing on trying to develop a style and really communicate with my work in a way I never really attempted before. Conceptualizing ideas and executing them as best as I can with all the tools I’ve been trying to learn along the way is probably the funnest and scariest thing I’ve done and now it’s all I want to do.

I recently started posting to a new flickr while I work on a website.

Thanks again!


Photo by Kyle O’Connor


Blender Site

Hi, my name is Matt. I have been interested in hidden order within the arts since University where I spent some time attempting to see the link between my studies (mathematics) and my hobby (music). I considered the ratios between frequencies, rhythms, melodies, chords and how those relate to that which are considered pleasing to the ear. Order within chaos is even an aspect of mathematics (chaos theory).

I have had an interest in art for a while now, and had read about similar topics mentioned above, but applied to visual art. I was also interested in the psychology of art and music – why do we feel a certain way about a particular chord, colour combination, or arrangement of shapes?

Recently I decided to take up 3D modelling, and my first scene was going to be a sculpture of the Discovery of Laocoon (i.e. my version of the discovery of the statue, with considerable artistic license!) . Whilst looking for reference pictures, I ended up stumbling on Tavis’ analysis of the Laocoon group. I read the article and I was hooked, here was a thought process that approached art in the way which always felt like it should be natural to me, but hadn’t because the prevailing notion was that it should just be instinct.

I read all the articles up to this one over the last month or so, and finished my digital sculpture and scene last week. I applied a variety of ideas to my composition, which has been greatly helped by studying it here.

My original post regarding the scene is can be found on BlenderArtists (search for The Discovery of Laocoon), there I also describe a short bit of my composition process.


Artwork by Matt Webb.

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