» Seven Techniques to Become a Surrealist Street Photographer
  • Shallow vs Deep DOF: Storytelling in Photography
    #503 Welcome back everyone, thanks for joining in today! I appreciate all of the amazing support! We’re going to be looking at depth of field and how your f/stop can help or hinder your storytelling. This article is great for beginners or professionals because it’s widely being taught that bokeh is a necessity, rather than […]

Seven Techniques to Become a Surrealist Street Photographer

Surrealist street photography-dali

Painting by Dali.


Well, today we have a fun one for all of you artistic street photographers out there! Henri Cartier Bresson always claimed to be a Surrealist Photographer, but how could he accomplish something like this on the streets? How can any street photographer for that matter? We can’t manipulate things like Dali or Magritte. Worry not! We will see plenty of examples and finally understand how these photographers used Gestalt Psychology principles to create their illusions just as the surrealist painters.

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