» Sydney Australia Gallery: The Worst Paintings – Part Two
  • The Masterful Set Designs of Mary Howard
    Welcome back everyone, much love for the continued support! Today we are going be looking at the amazing set designs by Mary Howard. You may not have heard of her, but you have definitely seen her beautiful work. She is one of the set designers for Annie Leibovitz! Set design may not sound interesting, but […]

Sydney Australia Gallery: The Worst Paintings – Part Two



Hey everyone, welcome back to the second part of the best and worst paintings in the Art Gallery, NSW. Thanks so much for all of your support, much love!

Before I went to this gallery, I did my research and found the paintings I definitely wanted to check out ( see Day 281). Unfortunately some of the paintings on their site weren’t available the day I went. Oh well, it gives me an excuse to revisit someday. As I sought out the paintings, I was surprisingly let down by some of my favorite artists of all time. I know they are allowed to have bad days and beginning points like all of us, so I won’t critique too harshly 😉 Let’s get into it!

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