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Couch Potato or Master Painter

321/365 There’s a few activities you can do when you have completely no energy. Back from a long 12 hour shift at work, your brain is mush, what can you possibly do? Well, it just so happens that there are all kinds of things to do. Watch TV, check your Facebook, Flickr, Twitter, or Instagram,
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Photography: Stretch Before You Exercise

192/365 We’ve all heard that it’s best to stretch before you exercise, right? Actually, I think they say dynamic stretching is even better for you, but either way, the point is to warm up your muscles. Well, the same goes for photography.

The Creative Brain

168/365 How’s everyone doing today? Ready for some interesting info on the creative thinking process? When I finished watching the video below some things started to make sense. I realized why a lot of ideas come to me while I’m driving, or when I’m doing something as uncreative as washing dishes....

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Bresson Quoting Bonnard about Instinct

45/365 If you haven’t already heard of Henri Cartier Bresson, you should look him up. He’s now passed away, but remains to be a huge inspiration to many photographers. He was fortunate enough to capture some intimate moments with world leaders, celebrities, and artists including Mattise, and Bonnard.  Bresson, being trained by the accomplished cubist...

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