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World Desensitization

297/365 There is an epidemic going on. We are becoming desensitized and it will surely have a huge impact on our future. The first time I heard this word was around 2001 when my friend Eric told me that he was desensitized from watching so many gory movies. To me, this is perfectly ok. Similar to
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Campfire’s and Camping Nowadays

279/365 Times sure have changed! Back when I was growing up if we went camping it would be a great adventure into the unknown. We could run off and do all kinds of things like catch frogs or snakes, go hiking, swimming, skipping rocks, whittling sticks, rafting, fishing…the possibilities seemed endless. Of course, this was before
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Technology Fails Design

146/365 I remember being a kid in the 90’s. No Internet, HDTV’s, cell phones, Blu-ray players, iPads…and worst of all, no Facebook! I mean, how did we survive as a kids? I had to play kickball outside with my friends instead of challenging them to Doodle Jump online. I had to write love letters to
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The Desolate Arcade

112/365 Welcome back everyone! So, what does an arcade have to do with composition you ask? Well, I guess it all boils down to a matter of choice. Please hear me out…

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