» The Arabesque in Painting
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The Arabesque in Painting


Painting by Degas


Part I

The Arabesque is a design element which adheres to the Law of Continuity (a Gestalt Psychology principle), as well as Hogarth’s line of beauty. As we covered before, the arabesque is a curvilinear element that can be used to link elements and guide our eyes around the image. The more I study it in paintings, the more I realize how they use it to control your eyes more than anything else. It’s essential to every image. And in case you didn’t hear me the first time, it’s essential to every image!! The eye will smoothly glide from element to element instead of bouncing around like a pogo stick. Very, very pleasing to the eyes. But in order to incorporate it in our work, we must first understand how our mind perceives these arabesques.

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