» The Power of the 90 Degree Angle

The Power of the 90 Degree Angle



Photo by Vadim Stein showing a strong 90 degree angle in the right leg. The one in the left leg doesn’t appear as strong because it is perpendicular to the ground.


The 90 degree angle (Right angle) is a very strong shape that you can incorporate into your design. It can hold up weight. It has strength. It’s a Karate Stance, a cross, a bracket for joining wood, the flexing bicep, the end of a hammer. Include this in your design and visually strengthen it. And I’m not talking about straight horizontal and vertical right angles. Those are found everywhere and easily disregarded by the scanning eye. A tree, the edge of a building,  lamp post…these things are seen everywhere. Straight up and down represents balance and stability…now the tilted 90 degree angle…that shows strength.

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