» Understanding Balance in Composition: Gazing Direction

Understanding Balance in Composition: Gazing Direction



Painting by Fantin Latour which leads the eye out of the frame. If the woman on the right were looking to the left side it would help keep the viewers eyes circling the painting.


The gazing direction of your art is the apparent or implied direction in which the subject is looking. If it’s a group of bottles, they can be arranged in a way that makes them appear to be looking in a certain direction. If the subject is on the far left of the image and gazing to the left, then the space on the right side becomes unimportant and creates an unbalanced composition. If they are on the far left and gazing to the right, then it creates a balance and movement towards the right side. Too much info to chew at once? Ok, let’s take a look at some examples which will help you see clearly.

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